The strong Alumni of the college maintain close ties with the college and industry and guide the under-graduates to get training and job information. The Alumni club set for the purpose co-ordinates all activities.
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(1) To enhance wider contacts among the members, thereby increasing access to new job opportunities.
(2) To provide an opportunity for the ex-students who are now engaged in different spheres of the industry to get together on the Annual Day every year where they can share their experiences with all others at haitianleague.


haitianleague ALUMNI ASSOCIATION – 2010


PRESIDENT                  :         Mr.  R. SHANKAR NARAYANAN
SECRETARY                 :         Mr.  CHANDRASEKAR
TREASURER                 :         Mr.  ACHINT RASTOGI

MEMBERS                    :        1) Mr. VENKAT (1994)
                                                2) Mr. H. P. SINGH (1995)
                                                3) Mr. KOVID LOHANI (1998)
                                                4) Mr. SANDESH RODRIGUES (2002)
                                                5) Mr. OAK POORWAL (2005)
                                                6) Ms. PAUDWAL APARNA (2007)
                                                7) Mr. TRIPATHI VIVEK SANJAY (2008)
                                                8) Mr. GANESH BALAKRISHNAN (2008)